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Editorial Services

TSigel Editorial Services provide editorial needs from concept inception to market release.  Services include proposal and pre-revision reviews, market research, content editing, copy editing, copywriting, project management, marketing, and launch campaigns.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Proposal and pre-revision reviews
  • Market research
  • Content/developmental editing
  • Copy editing
  • Copywriting
  • Project management
  • Marketing and launch campaigns


Here’s what some clients have to say after working on projects with Thomas Sigel…

“I have worked with Thomas for ten years now, and thanks to his support and guidance was able to undertake a major review that Thomas published as a series of edited volumes of technical papers. Thomas was instrumental in driving a meta-analysis that identified the three broad technical areas that characterize my subject. Thomas then went on to support me as I developed the structure of three edited volumes of technical papers, one for each subject area, and in the process identifying papers I had not yet written that went on to form key chapters. The three edited volumes comprised 41 chapters and appendix, each of which Thomas edited and provided me with feedback that I used when developing the papers into a form significantly better than the originals. Over a four-year period, we worked together systematically to create the published works that define my lifetime contribution to knowledge. I could not have done this without the unfailing support Thomas provided.”

Geoff Sheard, DSc, DPhil, PhD, MBA, BEng, CEng, FIMechE, FRAeS, FCIBSE, FASME, President, AGS Consulting, LLC

 “I was lucky enough to choose Thomas as the proofreader for my MSc Thesis. The experience of working with him was delightful. He is friendly, efficient and attentive to details. He provided a quality service at a reasonable price, and the effort he put largely added value to my work.”

Jason Luo, Trade Marketing Manager

“As the editor of my UK marketing text, Thomas applied his expert knowledge of publishing to advise me and shape my book for the European market. He really knows his business and has excellent contacts. I highly recommend Thomas as both professional and entrepreneurial.”

Marian Burk Wood, Author, Essential Guide to Marketing Planning and Marketing Plan Handbook