“Thomas brings a great combination of energy and knowledge to all his workshops.  Be prepared to be engaged and challenged.  You will leave the workshop on a positive high.”  Richard Logue, Managing Director, Richard Logue Consultancy Limited, London

T Sigel Seminar Services offer business-related programs and networking opportunities.

Whether led by Thomas or his speaking partners, including internationally-renowned speakers from business, government and academia, these workshops and seminars are designed to keep customers on the cutting edge of innovative thinking and major global trends.

Current workshops and seminars available from T SIGEL Consulting include:


  • B2B Beyond the Box:  New Intelligent Marketing, Sense and Respond Values


  • Marketing: Evolution and Revolution
  • Future Trends in Marketing
  • The New Consumer: From Presumption and Downshifting to Neuromarketing and Particle Marketing
  • Marketing and New Society
  • Future Trends in Marketing Programming
  • Marketing Futurecast
  • New Strategic Thinking in Marketing in a Global Economy
  • New Marketing and Consumer Behavior in the Changing Marketplace:  Seeing the      Unseen
  • Telecom Maket Trends
  • Marketing Reasoning
  • The Marketing Ideation and Innovation Station from INNO DNA and INNO Nets to Innostrat and Innoadvantage
  • Marketing, But Not As We Know It:  Marketing Organization-A New Process Based Approach


  • Pure Management (Profitable, CoUpled with Good Reasoning Delivers PErformance Management)
  • Management Metamorphosis:  Trend-spotting, Authenticity, Meta-values and Sensor Logic

 Performance Improvement/Measurement

  • Enterprise Performics and Architecture: Achievement through Communicated Intelligence
  • Performics:  New Performance Metrics in Marketing

Strategic Learning

  • Strategic Learning and Action with Scenario Planning and Expert Systems

 To learn more about any of these seminars/workshops contact T Sigel Consulting at or on telephone number +44 (0) 1223 303303 in the UK and on 1-330-722-2541 in the USA